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Choi, W. B.; Cuomo, J. J.; Zhirnov, V. V.; Myers, A. F.; Hren, J. J. Field emission from silicon and molybdenum tips coated with diamond powder by dielectrophoresis 1996 Applied Physics Letters 68 720-722 details   openurl
Liu, J.; Zhirnov, V. V.; Choi, W. B.; Wojak, G. J.; Myers, A. F.; Cuomo, J. J.; Hren, J. J. Electron emission from a hydrogenated diamond surface 1996 Applied Physics Letters 69 4038-4040 details   openurl
Schlesser, R.; McClure, M. T.; Choi, W. B.; Hren, J. J.; Sitar, Z. Energy distribution of field emitted electrons from diamond coated molybdenum tips 1997 Applied Physics Letters 70 1596-1598 details   openurl
Liu, J.; Zhirnov, V. V.; Wojak, G. J.; Meyers, A. F.; Choi, W. B.; Hren, J. J.; Wolter, S. D.; McClure, M. T.; Stoner, B. R.; Glass, J. Electron emission from diamond coated silicon field emitters 1994 Applied Physics Letters 65 2842-2844 details   openurl
Kellogg, G. L.; Brenner, S. S. Field ion microscopy and imaging atom-probe mass spectroscopy of superconducting YBa2Cu3O7-x 1987 Applied Physics Letters 51 details   openurl
Sanwald, R. C.; Ranganathan, S.; Hren, J. J. Computer-simulated ion-emission images of dislocations: Screw dislocation at the center of {420} 1966 Applied Physics Letters 9 details   openurl
Brenner, S. S.; Mckinney, J. T. On the ionisation state of field evaporated atoms as measured in the field ion microscope-atom probe 1968 Applied Physics Letters 13 29-32 details   doi
Zhang, Y.; Warren, P. J.; Cerezo, A.; Harland, C. L.; Davies, H. A. Partitioning behavior and the effect of Co on the Curie temperature of nanocomposite PrFeCoB hard magnetic alloys 2001 Applied Physics Letters 79 797 details   openurl
Chen, Yu-chen Karen; Chu, Yong S.; Yi, JaeMock; McNulty, Ian; Shen, Qun; Voorhees, Peter W.; Dunand, David C. Morphological and topological analysis of coarsened nanoporous gold by x-ray nanotomography 2010 Applied Physics Letters 96 043122-043122 details   pdf doi
Holzworth, M.R.; Rudawski, N.G.; Pearton, S.J.; Jones, K.S.; Lu, L.; Kang, T.S.; Ren, F.; Johnson, J.W. Characterization of the gate oxide of an AlGaN/GaN high electron mobility transistor 2011 Applied Physics Letters 98 122103-3 details   doi
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