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Brenner, S. S. Field ion microscopy 1989 Crystal Properties & Preparation (1989); Advanced Techniques for Microstructural Characterization, R. Krishnan and T.R. Anantharaman, eds., Trans Tech Publications, Zurich, Switzerland (1989) details   openurl
Soffa, W. A.; Brenner, S. S.; Miller, M. K. Atom probe studies of the decomposition spectrum in alloys 1984 Decomposition of Alloys: The Early Stages 227-232 details   url
DeHoff, V. R. T., E D; Hren, J. J. Implantation studies of hydrogen by field ion microscopy and spectroscopy 1988 DOE/ER/45172-T1 Order No DE88015806 (1988) details   openurl
Kelwing, T.; Naumann, A.; Trentzsch, M.; Trui, B.; Herrmann, L.; Mutas, S.; Graetsch, F.; Carter, R.; Stephan, R.; KuÌącher, P.; Hansch, W. Comparison of MOCVD- and ALD-Deposited HfZrO[sub:4] Gate Dielectrics for 32-nm High-Performance Logic SOI CMOS Technologies 2010 Electron Device Letters, IEEE 31 1149-1151 details   doi
Cerezo, A.; Abraham, M.; Lane, H.; Larson, D. J.; Thuvander, M.; Seto, K.; Warren, P. J.; Smith, W., G D Three-dimensional atomic scale analysis of interfaces 1999 Electron Microsc. Anal. 1999 161 29-34 details   openurl
Hren, J. J. Interpretation of field ion microscope images of point and line defects 1968 Field Ion Microscopy, J. J. Hren and S. Ranganathan, ed., Plenum Press, New York (1968) 102 details   openurl
Buchenauer, D.A.; Karnesky, R.A.; Fang, Z.Z.; Ren, C.; Oya, Y.; Otsuka, T.; Yamauchi, Y.; Whaley, J.A. Gas-driven permeation of deuterium through tungsten and tungsten alloys 2016 Fusion Engineering and Design 109-111 104-108 details   pdf doi
Brenner, S. S. High temperature high resolution metallography 1967 H. A. Aaronson and G. S. Ansell, eds., Gordon & Breach, New York (1967) 281 details   openurl
Hren, J. J.; Liu, J. Field emission microscopy 1995 Handbook on Surface Imaging and Visualization, A.T. Hubbard, ed., CRC Press, Boca Raton, FL (1995) 179-88 179-188 details   openurl
Bottger, A.; Sha, W.; van Genderen, M. J.; Mittemeijer, E. J.; Smith, W., G D Structure and composition of nitrogen enrichments formed in iron-nitrogen martensites at room temperature 1993 High Nitrogen Steels 93, V.G. Gavriljuk and V.M. Nadutov, eds., Institute of Metals Physics, Kiev, Ukraine (1993) 255-60 details   openurl
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