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Brenner, S. S. S., D N; Ming-Jian, H. The microchemistry of grain boundaries in Ni3Al 1989 High-Temperature Ordered Intermetallic Alloys III Liu C T Taub A I Stoloff N S and Koch C C eds MRS Warrendale PA 133 details   openurl
Ren, D. The investigation of field adsorption and diffusion of helium on the surface of tungsten by AP-FIM 1986 Journal de Physique 47-C7 details   openurl
Ranganathan, S.; Bowkett, K. M.; Hren, J. J.; Ralph, B. The interpretation of field ion micrographs: streak contrast 1965 Phil. Mag. 12 details   openurl
Rendulic, K. D.; Leisch, M. The gas supply function in field ion microscopy 1980 Surface Science 95 details   openurl
Nazarenko, V. A.; Pokhodenko, V. D. The formation of negative ions in high electric fields 1979 International Journal of Mass Spectrometry and Ion Physics 31, details   openurl
Liu, W.; Ren, D. M.; Huang, G. M.; Chen, H. N.; Liu, L. M. The first pulsed laser atom probe in China 1990 J. Electron. Sci. Tech. (Chinese) Suppl. 1 details   openurl
Breyer, J. P.; Leroy, V.; Habraren, L. The field ion microscope 1969 C N R M 21 details   openurl
Möller, R.; Brenner, S. S.; Grabke, H. J. The enrichment of phosphorus near Mo2C precipitates in steel 1986 Journal de Physique 47-C2 details   openurl
Sharma, S. P.; Fonash, S. J.; Schrenk, G. L. The electron transfer process in field ionisation 1970 Surface Science 23 details   openurl
Choi, W. B.; Myers, A. F.; Wojak, G. J.; McClure, M. T.; Cuomo, J. J.; Hren, J. J. The effects of the interface and surface treatment on the electron emission from diamond coated field emitters 1996 Int. Vac. Microelectron. Conf., 9th (1996), 288-292 Publisher: Nevskii Kur'er, St. Petersburg, Russia. 288-292 details   openurl
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