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Ren, D. M.; Liu, L. M.; Huang, G. M.; Chen, H. N.; Liu, W. The vacuum system of the FEM-FIM-IAP system 1990 J. Electron. Sci. Tech. (Chinese) Suppl. 1 details   openurl
Mohamed, Farghalli A.; Langdon, Terence G. The transition from dislocation climb to viscous glide in creep of solid solution alloys 1974 Acta Metallurgica 22 779-788 details   doi
Liu, W.; Ren, D. M. The surface structure effect on the chemisorption of Co on Rh 1990 Surface Science 232 details   openurl
Ren, D. G. The study of probability of site occupation of Cr atoms in the Ni3(Al,Cr)alloy by AP-FIM 1995 Proc. 2nd Pacific Rim Int. Conf. Advanced Materials and Processing, D.S. Shin, J.K. Yoon and S. J. Kim, eds., The Korean Institute of Metals and Materials (1995) 1121-1125 1121-1125 details   openurl
Liu, W.; Ren, D. M. The study of elementary steps of surface chemical process by using pulsed laser atom probe 1990 J. Electron. Sci. Tech. (Chinese) Suppl. 1 details   openurl
Ren, D. G.; Wang, Q.; Guo, J. T. The study of atom distribution of nickel, aluminum and boron in Ni3Al alloys by AP-FIM 1991 Proc. C-MRS Int. Symp. (1991) 2, 657-61, Han, Y., ed., North-Holland, Amsterdam, The Netherlands details   openurl
Rendulic, K. D. The potential above field adsorbed gas atoms 1978 Surface Science 70 details   openurl
Cerezo, A.; Warren, P. J.; Smith, W., G D The position-sensitive atom probe - a new dimension in atom probe analysis 1998 Microsc. Microanal. 4 suppl. 2 76-77 details   openurl
Bardon, J.; Audiffren, M. The polarizability of iridium neutral atoms and their van der Waals interaction with a tungsten surface measured by F.I.M. 1984 Journal de Physique 45-C9 details   openurl
Brenner, S. S.; Mckinney, J. T. The performance of electron multipliers in FIM atom probes 1972 Review of Scientific Instruments 43 details   openurl
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