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Holzworth, M.R.; Rudawski, N.G.; Pearton, S.J.; Jones, K.S.; Lu, L.; Kang, T.S.; Ren, F.; Johnson, J.W. Characterization of the gate oxide of an AlGaN/GaN high electron mobility transistor 2011 Applied Physics Letters 98 122103-3 details   doi
Bledzki, A. K.; Lieser, J.; Wacker, G.; Frenzel, H. Characterization of the surfaces of treated glass fibers with different methods of investigation 1997 Compos. Interfaces 5 41-53 details   openurl
Rendulic, K. D.; Knor, Z. Chemisorption and gas promoted field evaporation 1967 Surface Science 7 details   openurl
Liu, W.; Ren, D. M.; Bao, C. L.; Tsong, T. T. Chemisorption of CO and methanation on Rh surfaces at low temperature and low pressure, an atom-probe FIM study 1987 Journal de Physique 48-C6 details   openurl
Serena, P. A.; Escapa, L.; Saenz, J. J.; Garcia, N.; Rohrer, H. Coherent electron-emission from point sources 1988 J. Microsc. 152 details   openurl
Shieh, J. L.; Ren, R. J.; Shieh, T. J.; Klemer, D. P.; Chen, C. Y. Comparison of a triangular-shape field emitter array and flat surface-emitter vacuum diodes 1993 Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology A B11 details   openurl
Kelwing, T.; Naumann, A.; Trentzsch, M.; Trui, B.; Herrmann, L.; Mutas, S.; Graetsch, F.; Carter, R.; Stephan, R.; KuÌącher, P.; Hansch, W. Comparison of MOCVD- and ALD-Deposited HfZrO[sub:4] Gate Dielectrics for 32-nm High-Performance Logic SOI CMOS Technologies 2010 Electron Device Letters, IEEE 31 1149-1151 details   doi
Warren, P. J.; Grovenor, M., C R Comparison to STEM and atom probe methods for chemical analysis of grain boundaries in commercial Al alloys 1995 Materials Science Forum 189-190 115-120 details   openurl
Caballero, F.G.; Yen, Hung-Wei; Miller, M.K.; Yang, Jer-Ren; Cornide, J.; Garcia-Mateo, C. Complementary use of transmission electron microscopy and atom probe tomography for the examination of plastic accommodation in nanocrystalline bainitic steels 2011 Acta Materialia In Press details   doi
Ren, D. M.; Tsong, T. T. Composition depth profiles of PtRh alloys in surface segregation and cosegregation with sulfur impurities 1987 Surface Science 184 details   openurl
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