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Cai, G. - J.; Lundin, L.; Andren, H. - O.; Svensson, L. E. Atom-probe investigation of precipitation in 12% Cr steel weld metals 1994 Applied Surface Science 76/77 248-254 details   openurl
Menand, A.; Zapolsky-Tatarenko, H.; Nerac-Partaix, A. Atom-probe investigations of TiAl alloys 1998 Materials Science and Engineering A A250 55-64 details   openurl
Soffa, W. A.; Brenner, S. S.; Camus, P. P.; Miller, M. K. Atom-probe studies of precipitation in iron-chromium-cobalt alloys 1982 Proc. 29th IFES, Gothenburg details   openurl
Heck, P. R.; Pellin, M. J.; Davis, A. M.; Martin, I.; Renaud, I.; Benbalagh, R.; Isheim, D.; Seidman, D. N.; Hiller, J.; Stephan, T.; Lewis, R. S.; Savina, M. R.; Maine, A.; Elam, J.; Staermann, F. J.; Zhao, X.; Daulton, T. L.; Amari, S. Atom-Probe Tomographic Analyses of Presolar Silicon Carbide Grains and Meteoric Nanodiamonds First Results on Silicon Carbide 2010 details   pdf openurl
Lauhon, Lincoln J.; Adusumilli, Praneet; Ronsheim, Paul; Flaitz, Philip L.; Lawrence, Dan Atom-Probe Tomography of Semiconductor Materials and Device Structures 2009 MRS Bulletin 34 738-743 details   pdf url
Seidman, David N.; Current, Michael I.; Pramanik, Dipankar; Wei, Ching-Yeu Atomic resolution observations of the point defect structure of depleted zones in ion-irradiated metals 1982 Journal of Nuclear Materials 108-109 67-68 details   pdf doi
Brenner, S. S.; Miller, M. K. Atomic scale analysis with the atom probe 1983 J. Met. 35(3), details   openurl
Gorman, B.P.; Guthrey, H.; Norman, A.G.; Al-Jassim, M.; Lawrence, D.; Prosa, T. Atomic Scale Characterization of Compound Semiconductors using Atom Probe Tomography: Preprint 2011 37th IEEE Photovoltaic Specialists Conference (PVSC 37) details   url
Rendulic, K. D.; Müller, E. W. Atomic structure of platinum crystals electrolytically overgrown on field ion microscope tips 1967 Journal of Applied Physics 38 details   openurl
Tsong, T. T.; Ren, D. M.; Ahmad, M. Atomic-layer by atomic-layer compositional depth profiling: surface segregation and impurity cosegregation of Pt-Rh and Pt-Ru alloys 1988 Physical Review B38 details   openurl
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