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Kellogg, G. L.; Brenner, S. S. Atomic-level studies of superconducting and nonsuperconducting YBa2Cu3O7-x 1989 Applied Physics A: Materials Science & Processing A48 197-201 details   doi
Kellogg, G. L.; Brenner, S. S. Atomic-level studies of superconducting YBa2Cu3O7-x 1988 Am. Inst. Phys. Conf. Proc. 165 details   openurl
Grenier, A.; Larde, R.; Cadel, E.; Vurpillot, F.; Juraszek, J.; Teillet, J.; Tiercelin, N. Atomic-scale study of TbCo[sub 2.5]/Fe multilayers by laser-assisted tomographic atom probe 2007 Journal of Applied Physics 102 033912-33914 details   doi
Nam, A. J.; Teren, A.; Lusby, T. A.; Melmed, A. J. Benign making of sharp tips for STM and FIM: Pt, Ir, Au, Pd, and Rh 1995 Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology A 13B 1556-1559 details   doi
Nazarenko, V. A. Calculation of the current voltage characteristics of a field ion microscope 1970 International Journal of Mass Spectrometry and Ion Physics 5 details   openurl
Miller, M. K.; Beaven, P. A.; Smith, G. D. W.; Brenner, S. S. Carbon distribution during the aging of iron-nickel-carbon martensites 1982 Int. Conf. on Solid-Solid Phase Transform., H. I. Aaron, ed., Metall. Soc. AIME, Warrendale, PA (1982) 863-867 details   openurl
French, R. D.; Richman, M. H. Carburizing tungsten in the field ion microscope 1968 Phil. Mag. 18 details   openurl
M. Young, J.D. DeFouw, J. Frenzel, D.C. Dunand Cast Replicated NiTiCu Foams with Shape-Memory Properties 2012 Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A 43 2939-44 details   openurl
Humphreys, E. S.; Warren, P. J.; Cerezo, A. Characterisation of a rapidly solidified Al-V-Fe alloy 1998 Materials Science and Engineering A A250 158-163 details   openurl
Myers, A. F.; Camphausen, S. M.; Cuomo, J. J.; Hren, J. J.; Liu, J.; Bruley, J. Characterization of amorphous carbon coated silicon field emitters 1996 Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology A 14B 2024-2029 details   openurl
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