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Kneissl, A. C.; Brenner, S. S. Analysis of small precipitates in high-strength, low-alloy steels by atom-probe field-ion microscope 1990 Prakt. Metallogr. 27 details   openurl
Goldenfeld, I. V.; Nazarenko, V. A. Angular distributions of field ion current (Russian) 1971 Ukr Fiz Zh 16 details   openurl
Lin, Shuangping; Nie, Zuoren; Huang, Hui; Li, Bolong Annealing behavior of a modified 5083 aluminum alloy 2010 Materials & Design 31 1607-1612 details   doi
Hren, J. J.; Moore, A. J. W.; Spink, J. A. Anomalous FIM images of tungsten 1972 Surface Science 29 details   openurl
Ren, D. G. AP-FIM investigation of the initial stage of oxidation on the surface of alloys 1995 Surf. Rev. Lett. 2 177-181 details   openurl
Thuvander, M.; Andren, H. O. APFIM studies of grain and phase boundaries 2000 Mater. Charact. 44 87-100 details   openurl
Jayaram, R.; Hren, J. J.; Miller, M. K. APFIM/TEM characterization of solute partitioning in a model Ni-Mo-Al-Ta superalloy 1991 Surface Science 246 details   openurl
Brenner, S. S. Application of field-ion microscopy techniques to metallurgical problems 1978 Surface Science 70 details   openurl
Burke, M. G.; Brenner, S. S. Applications of atom-probe field-ion microscopy to segregation and clustering studies in materials science 1986 Microbeam Anal. 21 363-369 details   openurl
Cantor, B.; Allen, C. M.; Dunin-Burkowski, R.; Green, M. H.; Hutchinson, J. L.; O'Reilly, Q., K A; Petford-Long, A. K.; Schumacher, P.; Sloan, J.; Warren, P. J. Applications of nanocomposites 2001 Scripta Materialia 44 2055-2059 details   openurl
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