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Lawrence, S.K.; Somerday, B.P.; Karnesky, R.A. Elastic Property Dependence on Mobile and Trapped Hydrogen in Ni-201 2017 JOM 69 45-50 details   pdf doi
Choi, W. B.; Cuomo, J. J.; Zhirnov, V. V.; Myers, A. F.; Hren, J. J. Field emission from silicon and molybdenum tips coated with diamond powder by dielectrophoresis 1996 Applied Physics Letters 68 720-722 details   openurl
Liu, J.; Hren, J. J.; Son, U. T.; Jones, G. W.; Sune, C. T. Field emission from silicon through stable contaminant layers 1993 Applied Surface Science 67 details   openurl
Liu, J.; Zhirnov, V. V.; Wojak, G. J.; Meyers, A. F.; Choi, W. B.; Hren, J. J.; Wolter, S. D.; McClure, M. T.; Stoner, B. R.; Glass, J. Electron emission from diamond coated silicon field emitters 1994 Applied Physics Letters 65 2842-2844 details   openurl
Brent, D. A.; DeMiranda, P.; Schulten, H. R. Field desorption mass spectrometry of azathioprine and its metabolites 1974 J Pharm Sci 63 details   openurl
Kruska, Karen; Lozano-Perez, Sergio; Saxey, David W.; Terachi, Takumi; Yamada, Takuyo; Smith, George D.W. Nanoscale characterisation of grain boundary oxidation in cold-worked stainless steels 2012 Corrosion Science 63 225-233 details   doi
French, R. D.; Richman, M. H. Transverse sectioning of field ion microscope specimens for transmission electron microscopy 1968 Trans A S M 61 details   openurl
Grenga, H. E.; Kumar, R. Surface energy anisotropy of iron 1976 Surface Science 61 details   openurl
Zhang, Tong-Yi; Ren, Hang Solute concentrations and strains in nanograined materials 2013 Acta Materialia 61 477-493 details   doi
Brent, D. A. Uses of field desorption mass spectrometry in the pharmaceutical industry 1976 J Assoc Off Anal Chem 59 details   openurl
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