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Rupert, Timothy J.; Trenkle, Jonathan C.; Schuh, Christopher A. Enhanced solid solution effects on the strength of nanocrystalline alloys 2011 Acta Materialia 59 1619-1631 details   doi
Wang, Ren-Nian; Tang, Bi-Yu; Peng, Li-Ming; Ding, Wen-Jing Ab initio study of the effect of Zr content on elastic and electronic properties of L12-Al3(Sc1-xZrx) alloys 2012 Computational Materials Science 59 87-93 details   doi
D.Ren,; Tsong, T. T.; McLane, S. B. Method for an accurate calibration of the flight-time-focused time-of-flight atom probe 1986 Review of Scientific Instruments 57 details   openurl
Hu, Q. - H.; Stiller, K.; Olsson, E.; Andren, H. - O.; Berastegui, P.; Johansson, L. - G. Concentration profiles across twin boundaries in YBa2Cu3O6+d 1997 Physical Review B56 11997-12003 details   openurl
Macrander, Albert T.; Yamamoto, Masahiko; Seidman, David N.; Brenner, S. S. Statistics of the atom-by-atom dissection of planes in an atom-probe field-ion microscope: The number of atoms detected per plane 1983 Review of Scientific Instruments 54 1077-1084 details   pdf doi
Blobaum, K.J.M.; Krenn, C.R.; Wall, M.A.; Massalski, T.B.; Schwartz, A.J. Nucleation and growth of the [alpha]' martensitic phase in Pu-Ga alloys 2006 Acta Materialia 54 4001-4011 details   doi
Ostberg, G.; Jansson, B.; Andren, H. O. On spinodal decomposition in the Co-W system 2006 Scripta Materialia 54 595-598 details   openurl
Ivanisenko, Y.; MacLaren, I.; Sauvage, X.; Valiev, R. Z.; Fecht, H. J. Shear-induced alpha ->gamma transformation in nanoscale Fe-C composite 2006 Acta Materialia 54 1659-1669 details   openurl
Furuno, Kazuko; Akamatsu, Hiroki; Oh-ishi, Keiichiro; Furukawa, Minoru; Horita, Zenji; Langdon, Terence G. Microstructural development in equal-channel angular pressing using a 60° die 2004 Acta Materialia 52 2497-2507 details   doi
Erneman, J.; Schwind, M.; Liu, P.; Nilsson, J. O.; Andren, H. O.; Agren, J. Precipitation reactions caused by nitrogen uptake during service at high temperatures of a niobium stabilised austenitic steel 2004 Acta Materialia 52 4337-4350 details   openurl
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