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Akamatsu, Hiroki; Fujinami, Takayoshi; Horita, Zenji; Langdon, Terence G. Influence of rolling on the superplastic behavior of an Al-Mg-Sc alloy after ECAP 2001 Scripta Materialia 44 759-764 details   doi
Gómez de Salazar, J. M. ; Barrena, M. I. Role of Al2O3 particulate reinforcements on precipitation in 7005 Al-matrix composites 2001 Scripta Materialia 44 2489-2495 details   doi
Newman, R. W.; Sanwild, R. C.; Hren, J. J. A method of indexing field ion micrographs 1967 Journal of Scientific Instruments 44 details   openurl
Charkabortty, S.; Grenga, H. E. Adsorption of carbon monoxide on ruthenium 1973 Journal of Applied Physics 44 details   openurl
French, R. D.; Bishop, G. H. Reply to "comments on "Grain boundary contrast in field ion microscope images 1973 Journal of Applied Physics 44 details   openurl
Bardon, J.; Audiffren, M. Medium range interaction between neutral metal atoms and a metallic surface (tantalum/tungsten) 1983 J. Phys. Lett. 44 details   openurl
Thuvander, M.; Andren, H. O. APFIM studies of grain and phase boundaries 2000 Mater. Charact. 44 87-100 details   openurl
Cantor, B.; Allen, C. M.; Dunin-Burkowski, R.; Green, M. H.; Hutchinson, J. L.; O'Reilly, Q., K A; Petford-Long, A. K.; Schumacher, P.; Sloan, J.; Warren, P. J. Applications of nanocomposites 2001 Scripta Materialia 44 2055-2059 details   openurl
Hunter, Allen. H, J.D. Farren, J.N. Dupont, D.N. Seidman An Atom-Probe Tomographic Study of Arc Welds in a Multi-Component High-Strength Low-Alloy Steel 2013 Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A 44 1741-1759 details   url
Current, Michael I.; Wei, Ching-Yeu; Seidman, David N. Single atom sputtering events: Direct observation of near-surface depleted zones in ion-irradiated tungsten 1981 Philosophical Magazine A 43 103-138 details   pdf openurl
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