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Grenier, A.; Larde, R.; Cadel, E.; Vurpillot, F.; Juraszek, J.; Teillet, J.; Tiercelin, N. Atomic-scale study of TbCo[sub 2.5]/Fe multilayers by laser-assisted tomographic atom probe 2007 Journal of Applied Physics 102 033912-33914 details   doi
Brenner, S. S.; Kellogg, G. L. Atom probe microanalysis of superconducting YBa[sub:2]Cu[sub:3]O[sub:7-x] 1988 Materials Research Society Symposium Proceedings 99 947-950 details   openurl
Ranganathan, B. N.; Grenga, H. E. Hydrogen-ion image features of tempered martensite 1973 J. Microsc. 98 details   openurl
Holzworth, M.R.; Rudawski, N.G.; Pearton, S.J.; Jones, K.S.; Lu, L.; Kang, T.S.; Ren, F.; Johnson, J.W. Characterization of the gate oxide of an AlGaN/GaN high electron mobility transistor 2011 Applied Physics Letters 98 122103-3 details   doi
Chen, Yu-chen Karen; Chu, Yong S.; Yi, JaeMock; McNulty, Ian; Shen, Qun; Voorhees, Peter W.; Dunand, David C. Morphological and topological analysis of coarsened nanoporous gold by x-ray nanotomography 2010 Applied Physics Letters 96 043122-043122 details   pdf doi
Vaumousse, D.; Cerezo, A.; Warren, P. J. A procedure for quantification of precipitate microstructures from three-dimensional atom probe data 2003 Ultramicroscopy 95 215-221 details   doi
Rendulic, K. D.; Leisch, M. The gas supply function in field ion microscopy 1980 Surface Science 95 details   openurl
Zhirnov, V. V.; Choi, W. B.; Cuomo, J. J.; Hren, J. J. Diamond coated Si and Mo field emitters: diamond thickness effect 1996 Applied Surface Science 94/95 123-128 details   openurl
Ding, M. Q.; Choi, W. B.; Myers, A. F.; Sharma, A. K.; Narayan, J.; Cuomo, J. J.; Hren, J. J. Field emission enhancement from Mo tip emitters coated with N containing amorphous diamond films 1997 Surf. Coat. Technol. 94/95 672-675 details   openurl
Rendulic, K. D.; Leisch, M. Field desorption of common gases from iridium and tungsten 1980 Surface Science 93 details   openurl
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