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Brenner, S. S. S., D N; Ming-Jian, H. The microchemistry of grain boundaries in Ni3Al 1989 High-Temperature Ordered Intermetallic Alloys III Liu C T Taub A I Stoloff N S and Koch C C eds MRS Warrendale PA 133 details   openurl
Spitznagel, J. A.; Brenner, S. S.; Miller, M. K.; Choyke, W. J. Deuterium and helium trapping at TiC particles in ferritic steel 1984 Journal of Nuclear Materials 122&123 252-253 details   openurl
Isheim, Dieter; Kaszpurenko, Jason; Yu, Dong; Mao, Zugang; Seidman, David N.; Arslan, Ilke 3-D Atomic-Scale Mapping of Manganese Dopants in Lead Sulfide Nanowires 2012 J. Phys. Chem. C 116 6595-6600 details   pdf doi
Brenner, S. S.; McVeagh, W. J. Field ion microscopy study of the formation of oxide particles on tungsten 1968 J Electrochem Soc 115 details   openurl
Ivanisenko, Y.; MacLaren, I.; Sauvage, X.; Valiev, R.Z.; Fecht, H.J. Phase transformations in pearlitic steels induced by severe plastic deformation 2006 High Pressure Technology Of Nanomaterials 114 133-144 details   openurl
Sha, Gang; Yao, Lan; Liao, Xiaozhou; Ringer, Simon P.; Chao Duan, Zhi; Langdon, Terence G. Segregation of solute elements at grain boundaries in an ultrafine grained Al-Zn-Mg-Cu alloy 2011 Ultramicroscopy 111 500-505 details   url
Buchenauer, D.A.; Karnesky, R.A.; Fang, Z.Z.; Ren, C.; Oya, Y.; Otsuka, T.; Yamauchi, Y.; Whaley, J.A. Gas-driven permeation of deuterium through tungsten and tungsten alloys 2016 Fusion Engineering and Design 109-111 104-108 details   pdf doi
Seidman, David N.; Current, Michael I.; Pramanik, Dipankar; Wei, Ching-Yeu Atomic resolution observations of the point defect structure of depleted zones in ion-irradiated metals 1982 Journal of Nuclear Materials 108-109 67-68 details   pdf doi
Thompson, K.; Lawrence, D.; Larson, D. J.; Olson, J. D.; Kelly, T. F.; Gorman, B. In situ site-specific specimen preparation for atom probe tomography 2007 Ultramicroscopy 107 131-139 details   doi
Grennan-Heaven, N.; Cerezo, A.; Godfrey, T.J.; Smith, G.D.W. Optimisation of a scanning atom probe with improved mass resolution using post deceleration 2007 Ultramicroscopy 107 705-712 details   openurl
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