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Miller, M. K.; Brenner, S. S.; Camus, P. P.; Soffa, W. A. The atom probe - a direct technique for kinetic measurements 1984 Kinet. Aggregation Gelation, Proc. Intl. Top. Conf., Family, Fereydoon, D. P. Landau, ed., North-Holland, Amsterdam, Netherlands (1984) 63-66 details   openurl
Miller, M. K.; Burke, M. G.; Brenner, S. S.; Soffa, W. A. A TEM/FIM study of modulated microstructures in the iron-beryllium system 1984 Anal. Electron Microsc., Proc. Workshop, D. B. Williams and D. C. Joy, eds., San Francisco Press, San Francisco, CA (1984) 182-184 details   openurl
Soffa, W. A.; Brenner, S. S.; Miller, M. K. Atom probe studies of the decomposition spectrum in alloys 1984 Decomposition of Alloys: The Early Stages 227-232 details   url
Brenner, S. S.; Miller, M. K.; Soffa, W. A. An atom probe study of precipitation in iron-chromium alloys at low temperatures 1982 Proceedings of an International Conference on Solid - Solid Phase Transformations: Proceedings of the International Conference on Solid-To-Solid Phase Transformations in Inorganic Materials Ptm9 details   url
Miller, M. K.; Bentley, J.; Brenner, S. S.; Spitznagel, J. A. Thermal aging of primary coolant pipe steel 1985 Proc. 43rd Annual Meeting of the Electron Microscopy Society of America (EMSA), G. W. Bailey, ed., San Francisco Press, San Francisco, CA (1985) 326-327. 326-327 details   openurl
Heck, P. R.; Pellin, M. J.; Davis, A. M.; Martin, I.; Renaud, I.; Benbalagh, R.; Isheim, D.; Seidman, D. N.; Hiller, J.; Stephan, T.; Lewis, R. S.; Savina, M. R.; Maine, A.; Elam, J.; Staermann, F. J.; Zhao, X.; Daulton, T. L.; Amari, S. Atom-Probe Tomographic Analyses of Presolar Silicon Carbide Grains and Meteoric Nanodiamonds First Results on Silicon Carbide 2010 details   pdf openurl
Grenga, Helen E. Twenty-Second International Field Emission Symposium 1975 National Science Foundation details   doi
Rajgarhia, Rahul; Saxena, Ashok; Spearot, Douglas; Hartwig, K.; More, Karren; Kenik, Edward; Meyer, Harry Microstructural stability of copper with antimony dopants at grain boundaries: experiments and molecular dynamics simulations 2010 Journal of Materials Science In Press details   doi
Brenner, S. Sidney FIM/Atom Probe Study of Grain Boundaries in Ni3Al details   url
Moreno-Gobbi, A.; Zamir, G.; Eiras, J.A. Ultrasonic investigation of the interaction of hydrogen-dislocations in copper crystals Materials Science and Engineering: A In Press, Corrected Proof details   doi
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