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Walck, S. D.; Hren, J. J. FIM/IAP depth profiling of nitrogen-implanted field emitters 1986 Microbeam Anal. 21 details   openurl
Aleksankin, M. M.; Samchenko, I. P.; Fileleeva, L. I.; Nazarenko, V. A.; Pokrovskii, V. A.; Topchii, V. A. Dissociation and rearrangements of molecular ions of sulfides, sulfoxides, and sulfones generated by a strong electric field 1987 Teoreticheskaya I Eksperimentalnaya Khimiya 23 details   openurl
Bakhtizin, R. Z.; Valeev, V. G.; Kukharenko, Y. A. Inelastic energy losses at electron tunneling through potential barriers 1987 Journal de Physique 48-C6 details   openurl
Grabke, H. J.; Moller, R.; Erhart, H.; Brenner, S. S. Effects of the alloying elements Ti, Nb, Mo and V on the grain boundary segregation of P in iron and steels 1987 Surf. Interface Anal. 10 details   openurl
Kellogg, G. L.; Brenner, S. S. Field ion microscopy and imaging atom-probe mass spectroscopy of superconducting YBa2Cu3O7-x 1987 Applied Physics Letters 51 details   openurl
Liu, W.; Bao, C. L.; Ren, D. M.; Tsong, T. T. Methanation on rhodium surfaces at low pressure and low temperature: a pulsed-laser imaging atom-probe study 1987 Surface Science 180 details   openurl
Liu, W.; Ren, D. M.; Bao, C. L.; Tsong, T. T. Chemisorption of CO and methanation on Rh surfaces at low temperature and low pressure, an atom-probe FIM study 1987 Journal de Physique 48-C6 details   openurl
Miller, M. K.; Brenner, S. S.; Burke, M. G. The distribution of palladium in a Pd-modified 4130 steel 1987 Metall. Trans. 18A details   openurl
Panitz, J. A.; Hren, J. J. Surface imaging by carbon monoxide field desorption 1987 Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology A A5 details   openurl
Ren, D. M. A study of adsorption and diffusion of hydrogen in an austenitic stainless steel by AP-FIM 1987 Journal de Physique 48-C6 details   openurl
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