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BAO, Xiaoqian; GAO, Xuexu; ZHU, Jie; ZHOU, Shouzeng Effect of zirconium content on exchange coupling and magnetization reversal of nanocrystalline Nd12.3Fe81.7xZrxB6 alloy 2011 Journal of Rare Earths 29 939-942 details   doi
Brady, M. P.; Zhu, J. H.; Liu, C. T.; Tortorelli, P. F.; Walker, L. R.; McKamey, C. G.; Wright, J. L.; Carmichael, C. A.; Larson, D. J.; Miller, M. K.; Porter, W. D. Intermetallic reinforced Cr alloys for high-temperature use 1999 Mater. High Temp. 16 189-193 details   openurl
Chen, N. X.; Ge, X. J.; Zhang, W. Q.; Zhu, F. W. Atomistic analysis of the field-ion microscopy image of Fe3Al (vol. 57, pg 14203, 1998) (correction) 1998 Physical Review B58 8842-8842 details   openurl
Chen, Y.; Liu, Z. G.; Cao, Y. N.; Zhu, Z. S. Atom probe microanalysis of an Elinvar type alloy 1988 Scripta Metall. 22 details   openurl
Ea, J. Y.; Zhu, D.; Lu, Y.; Lalevic, B.; Zeto, R. J. Silicon avalanche cathodes and their characteristics 1991 IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices 38 details   openurl
Egorov, Nikolah V.; Zhukov, Vladimir M. Method for field electron emission 1994 Russian Patent RU2019876 details   url
FANG, H.-chan; CHEN, K.-hua; ZHANG, Z.; ZHU, C.-jun Effect of Yb additions on microstructures and properties of 7A60 aluminum alloy 2008 Transactions of Nonferrous Metals Society of China 18 28-32 details   doi
Galtrey, M.J.; Oliver, R.A.; Kappers, M.J.; McAleese, C.; Zhu, D.; Humphreys, C.J.; Clifton, P.H.; Larsen, D.; Cerezo, A. Atom probe revels the structure of InxGe1-xN based quantum wells in three dimensions 2008 Physica Status Solidi B-Basic Solid State Physics 245 861-867 details   doi
Galtrey, M.J.; Oliver, R.A.; Kappers, M.J.; McAleese, C.; Zhu, D.; Humphreys, C.J.; Clifton, P.H.; Larson, D.; Cerezo, A. Compositional inhomogeneity of a high-efficiency In[sub x]Ga[sub 1 - x]N based multiple quantum well ultraviolet emitter studied by three dimensional atom probe 2008 Applied Physics Letters 92 041904-3 details   doi
Ge, Binghui; Zhu, Jing Comment on "Atomic Scale Structure and Chemical Composition across Order-Disorder Interfaces" details   url
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