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Aboulfadl, H.; Keller, J.; Larsen, J.; Thuvander, M.; Riekehr, L.; Edoff, M.; Platzer-Björkman, C. Microstructural Characterization of Sulfurization Effects in Cu(In,Ga)Se2 Thin Film Solar Cells 2019 25 532-538 details   doi
Abraham, M.; Holdway, P.; Thuvander, M.; Cerezo, A.; Smith, W., G D Thermal stability of electrodeposited nanocrystalline nickel 2002 Surface Engineering 18 151-156 details   doi
Afanas'ev, V. I.; Tubaev, V. M.; Karpenko, T. I.; Ivanchenko, T. I. Electrochemical preparation of fine needles in a flow of electrolyte 1983 Instru. Exper. Techniques 26 242-43 details   openurl
Afanasev, V. I.; Garber, R. I.; Levandovsky, B. I. Field-ion microscopic analysis of the high-velocity deformation of W 1973 Physics of Metals and Metallography 35 details   openurl
Akamatsu, M.; Van Duysen, J. C.; Pareige, P.; Auger, P. Experimental evidence of several contributions to the radiation damage in ferritic alloys 1995 Journal of Nuclear Materials 225 192-195 details   doi
Andrén, O., Thuvander H, M; Stiller, K.; Hu, Q. H. A statistical method to detect ordering and phase separation by APFIM 1998 Ultramicroscopy 73 279-285 details   doi
Angseryd, J.; Liu, F.; Andrén, H.-O.; Gerstl, S.S.A.; Thuvander, M. Quantitative APT analysis of Ti(C,N) 2011 Ultramicroscopy 111 609-614 details   url
Auger, P.; Danoix, F.; Grisot, O.; Massoud, J. P.; Van Duysen, J. C. Spinodal decomposition in duplex stainless steels, investigated by atom probe, neutrons scattering and thermoelectric measurements 1995 Annales de Physique 20 143-155 details   openurl
Auger, P.; Danoix, F.; Grisot, O.; Massoud, J. P.; Van DuysenM., J. C. Microstructural evaluation of the CHOOZ A PWR surveillance program material : small angle neutron scattering and tomographic atom probe studies 1997 Annales de Physique 22 117-125 details   openurl
Auger, P.; Pareige, P.; Akamatsu, M.; van Duysen, J. C. Characterization of atom clusters in irradiated pressure vessel steels and model alloys 1994 Collect. Notes Internes Dir. Etud. Rech. 16 details   openurl
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