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Zhou, X.W.; Sills, R.B.; Ward, D.K.; Karnesky, R.A. Atomistic calculations of dislocation core energy in aluminium 2017 Physical Review B 95 054112
Lawrence, S.K.; Somerday, B.P.; Karnesky, R.A. Elastic Property Dependence on Mobile and Trapped Hydrogen in Ni-201 2017 JOM 69 45-50
Karnesky, R.A.; Chao, P.; Buchenauer, D.A. Hydrogen isotope permeation and trapping in additively manufactured steels 2017 ASME Pressure Vessels and Piping Conference 6A V06AT06A019
Erdeniz, D.; Nasim, W.; Malik, J.; Yost, A.R.; Park, S.; De Luca, A.; Vo, N.Q.; Karaman, I.; Mansoor, B.; Seidman, D.N.; Dunand, D.C. Effect of vanadium micro-alloying on the microstructural evolution and creep behavior of Al-Er-Sc-Zr-Si alloys 2017 Acta Materialia 124 501-512
Zhou, X.W.; Dingreville, R.; Karnesky, R.A. Molecular Dynamics Studies of Irradiation Effects on Hydrogen Isotope Diffusion Through Nickel Crystals and Grain Boundaries 2017