refbase screencasts

Import records


Zotero is a Firefox plugin that acts as a desktop reference manager. It can automatically retrieve citation information from may sites, including refbase. You can copy and paste this citation metadata into the refbase import form. Zotero is worth checking out for your personal use--it is free/open source, and can be used with MS Word and Writer.
Please note that, due to the current version of Zotero, the above video is slightly misleading. "Quick Copy" with the Ctrl-Alt-C does not currently honor site-specific settings. It uses the global setting. Dragging and dropping references will honor the site-specific setting. You can read about this on the Zotero forums.

Update webpage

The list of recent references on the front page is updated manually.
The step to copy/paste COinS is optional, but recommended. It allows Zotero, LibX, and others to deal with the bibliographic metadata.